Presenter Information

Important Dates

June 21 – Submit your 2021 OESS registration. All presenters and panelists must be registered for the conference, including pre-recorded snapshot presenters.

June 22 – Login to the OESS Virtual Whova Conference site to complete your speaker profile (you can upload a photo/avatar, add your bio, contact information, and more).

June 30 – Upload your Snapshot recording and/or handouts per Step #3 below.

ASAP But No Later Than July 9 – Complete your OESS Session Recording Agreement if you haven't done so already.

July 6 - 8 – Attend one of the optional speaker trainings if you are presenting a live session.

July 8 – Attendees will receive access to OESS 2021 Virtual Conference site.

July 12-15 – 2021 Open Education Southern Symposium Virtual Conference Dates.

Preparing for Your Live and Pre-Recorded Sessions

Recording your Snapshot

1. Record and submit your presentation by Wednesday, June 30 (11:59 p.m. Pacific)

Set a date and time with your co-presenters (if applicable) to record your 10-minute snapshot presentation. You may also want to schedule one or more rehearsal sessions.

2. Determine how to record your session and enable captions

Recording: We recommend recording in Zoom, but you can also use Google Hangouts, WebEx, Adobe Connect, or any other video recording software that allows for an MP4 file recording. Your recording shouldn't be larger than 1gb (this would be a rare occurrence and we can compress it for you if that happens so don't sweat it).

The presenter/person sharing their screen and slides needs to use their computer mic, not a headset. This will allow for co-presenter audio to be picked up for captioning if your session has multiple speakers.

3. Save and submit your recording and optional slides/handouts to OESS

Your slides and handouts must be in PDF file format and be no bigger than 10MB. Please try to limit your handouts to no more than 3 per session.

Your file can take a long time to upload depending on its size and your internet connection (an hour or more is not unusual) especially during the workday (evening and off hours will be faster).

Information on how to upload will be sent directly to presenters.

4. Sign Up for one of the 6 virtual Snapshot Q&A meet up by July 7. – OPTIONAL

To help provide opportunities for Snapshot presenters to interact with attendees, we have scheduled 6 virtual Q&A meet ups in Whova. Participating in these sessions is optional.

Steps for how to join the Meet Ups will be sent closer to the event.

Accessibility Tips

To make sure our event is accessible to everyone in attendance, we encourage all presenters to make your materials as accessible as possible. To help you get started, below are some tips and resources:

Whova Guides


If you have questions or are no longer able to present, please contact the OESS Planning Committee at

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