Code of Conduct

The Open Education Southern Symposium (OESS) strives to offer an open, inclusive, and friendly environment for all participants. All attendees are expected to help maintain a professional and welcoming environment free of any type of harassment. Together we can create a space where individuals feel free to express themselves, work together, and come up with solutions to today's unique challenges.

The following behaviors are encouraged:

Unacceptable behaviors include the following:

Any and all breaches of the Code of Conduct are taken very seriously, and may be reported at this Google form, with an option for an anonymous report. The Code of Conduct committee will review these reports and take action as quickly as possible. Anyone who is asked to cease unacceptable behaviors must do so immediately; further breach of the Code of Conduct will result in expulsion from all symposium spaces, including virtual rooms and email lists.

The organizers of OESS appreciate your help in making this symposium a friendly and welcoming virtual experience!